Injuries from motorcycle accidents fill the orthopedic ward of "Vita" during the summer

According to the World Health Organization motorcycle accidents are the second most common cause of road accidents, the proportion of victims helds between 9% and 35% in different countries.

In the last month the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of "Vita" Hospital has registered many cases of injuries caused by motorcycle or bicycle accident. Experts from the department said that in recent years there is a strong seasonality in these injuries. The trend is due to the fact that they appear more and more extreme activities to which Bulgarians are interested in and willing to practice.

The most common injuries of this type, that the team of "Vita" faces, include by motorcyclers - injuries of shoulders, knees, calves, ankles and hands, and for cyclists - shoulders, arms and head. Accidents with motor vehicles are also responsible for about half the cases of spinal injuries.

Dr. Chanko Chankov, head of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology in "Vita", said that during an incident a fracture of any bone in the body is possible, as riders are often thrown from their bike. Fractures can be accompanied by large lacerations of the skin. Ligaments, joints and nerves may be damaged.


"The worst injuries I've ever met in my practice as a complete dislocation of the knee and open and comminuted fracture of the lower leg, are caused by a motorcycle accident." Says Dr. Chankov.

Some trauma treatment can take years. In addition to conservative treatments and traditional operative techniques in orthopedic department of "Vita" hospital is practiced with priority arthroscopic (bloodless) surgery. This type of bloodless surgery is extremely effective for both diagnosis and treatment of joint problems. It is also the most non-traumatic for the patient, postoperative recovery period is as short as possible and with the least likelihood of complications.


The surest way to avoid injuries from this type of activities is to observe the rules on the road. In addition, experts from "Vita" advise always to wear professional protective equipment.


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