Specialized NUCLEAR MAGNET RESONANCE for diagnosis in sport traumas and joint lesions at “Vita” Hospital

From the beginning of March 2009, “Vita” Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment added to the offered examinations the possibility of diagnostic of sport traumas and joint lesions by specialized nuclear-magnetic resonance.


The magnet resonance is one of the most modern image-diagnostic methods, which does not use ionization (X-ray) rays. The image in it is obtained by special radio-frequency antennas. The signals, obtained from the tissues, are transformed into images by computer processing. The examination is completely harmless and suitable for children too.


Computer images are with precise differentiation of the various soft tissues and vessels, and the resolution ability of the method is significantly higher than that of computer tomography (scanner).


No advance preparation is necessary for this examination.



The advantages of magnet resonance at “Vita” hospital:


  • Highly specialized unit for examination of extremities

  • Exclusively big resolution ability

  • Open type unit – there are no closed spaces and risk of claustrophobia

  • Low level of noise and comfortable examination

  • Possibility to record the images on various carriers – laser X-ray films, specialized photo paper, optical disc

  • Possibility for planning and advance booking as well as for emergency examinations

  • Highly qualified staff performing the examinations



“Vita” Hospital is working with the National Health Fund and the examinations are free of charge at provision of the relevant health direction.


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